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The scoring system

2010-10-06 11:53:05 by HARX

I guess it has been talked about alot on this site already but.. The scoring system is completely crap. Just like any other rating systems out there.

I'm mostly looking at the Audio Portal scoring. I know 90% of all poeple don't listen through the entire songs they listen to, but they most likely just base their scoring entirely on the beginning on the song. And if the song is a trance/ambient or any other song that builds up and explodes into awesomeness towards the middle or the end of the song you can see that it is very very unfair.

I'm not trying to say that my songs are better than the score they get but seriously.. if poeple with higher voting power (which might be assholes) put a low score on an already high scored song they might go from 4.51 to like 1.34 just because his voting powers is higher.
I really shouldnt expect more from the Newgrounds community though, since I know by experience that most of the poeple here are categorized into two categories: The asshole, and the good person.
There's no two ways about it, no middle, it is either the poeple that rate low because they can or becasue they don't know anything about the work that goes into the song or flash. Or there is the person that have sympathy and that knows by experience about the media.

Ah well.. That's all I had to say, and no one will read this far anyway.
But I'm just very proud of my latest song "Nyhyttan At Night".. But the audio portal is just there to keep poeple on this site. And it is hilarious that Newgrounds jumped on the art-train as well.

If you enjoy my music, I suggest you get on over to YouTube and follow me there, because I won't post any more music here.

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2010-10-06 13:40:39

Oh come on, its always a let down to see people leave the site just because of someone rating there stuff low. Is the rating system on Youtube any better? Its awful. Thumbs up and thumbs down just shows who like it or not, and barely represents its quality in any way. Is the Youtube community any better? Well if you like every comment on every video to be related to Justin Bieber i'm sure it is. Im sorry for the idiots on Newgrounds but I enjoyed your song and hope you see the light and keep posting to here.


2010-10-06 14:32:05

Why is it hilarious that newgrounda has an art portal now? It's had an art forum for awhile, what's wrong with giving us a portal to show off a work to people other than art forum kids?


2010-10-06 14:52:20

Just keep on creating and dont give a f**k about those who rate stuff down.

I experience that a lot because my art lacks tits and other mainstream things. I could do stuff like that but I dont care for people like that.


2010-10-06 15:16:29

Interesting your opinion ye admit there is a very marked here in public is generally rare NG not meet the same things if the Flash portal 60% (or more) are of comedy and is not that bad but only a mere glimpse of what people prefer.


2010-10-06 15:28:35

this is the same situation most medias. A slow start of a movie can make or break a film if not done right ,but really thats not the audiences' fault. Even your slow start ups have to be entertaining.. and if they aren't, well, thats all you.

anyways, see ya,


2010-10-06 16:33:25

I mostly visit the Audio Portal for Flash game music, but I've noticed that pattern with the music. It's always a shock to see a high-scoring song with a slow intro--of course, I think that's because the artist's comments say "I suck at intros" and people skip to where the song actually starts.


2010-10-06 16:40:50

i have exactly the same problem, my friend.
posted a news message about the same thing a couple of weeks ago.



2010-10-06 18:13:10

Yeah. How does my piece of crap submission have a 4?


2010-10-06 20:30:49

cuz nobody cares about the scoring system in the audio portal, idiot.

HARX responds:

You're in the asshole category.


2010-10-06 20:38:48

You're complaining that your music isn't getting the attention it deserves, whilst you're one of the very few who are gifted with the ability to animate, illustrate AND produce music? Want you music to be heard, combine your talents. Make something brilliant.


2010-10-07 08:00:28

The scoring system fucking sucks. But I still post my shit here anyway.